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Keep Current Frame & why to NEVER use nulls to move layers with a Mocha track (MI+ V6 Tutorial)

If you want to move After Effects layers with a mocha track, it is a VERY bad idea to apply the tracking data to a null object or directly to the position, scale and rotation of your layers: The result is very inaccurate, because the skew and

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Zorro the Layer Tagger - After Effects Character Animation Part 4

In this part you learn all about Zorro, the layer tagger. This tool is very helpful, whenever you have an After Effects project with lots of layers.
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Copy masks while keeping them perfectly in place

When you copy a mask from one layer to another it often changes its position. With CopyMask2Layer you can copy masks while keeping them perfectly in place - even if the layers are moving and if the mask path is keyframed.

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Getting started with CopyMask2Layer

When you copy a mask in After Effects from one layer to another one, it very often does not stay where it has been before. Here you learn how to avoid this nasty problem.
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