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Orient World

Orient World

Turn a layer into the ground plane of your scene

In scenes tracked with AE's 3D camera tracker, the ground plane of your scene in most cases ends up as an oblique plane in 3D space. Orient World fixes this - with a single click you turn a layer into the ground plane of your scene and orient everything accordingly.

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Reveal After Effects CC - Part 3: Improvements of the Camera Tracker

Today, April 4th 2013, Adobe revealed some details about the next generation of their video tools. In this tutorial series we give you some sneak peak about the next version of Adobe After Effects.

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How to use Orient World in AE with the mocha Camera Solver

In this tutorial I show how to use the mocha V3 camera solver to do a camera track for After Effects and use OrientWorld to set the ground plane and orient the 3D scene according to it.
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Orient World with ShapeShifter AE, Element 3D and other plugins

Version 1.1 of Orient World comes with some improvements that makes a difference, in particular if you want to work with 3D plugins like ShapeShifter or Element 3D.
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3D Superman Logo in After Effects

In this tutorial, we place a superman logo on top of a skyscraper in Manhattan. You learn how to use a whole bunch of useful tools, like the After Effects 3D camera tracker, mamoworld Orient World, mettle Shape Shifter, Elementary and Trapcode Lux.

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Setting the Ground Plane in AE - Getting started with Orient World

This tutorial gives an overview of the tool Orient World. In scenes tracked with AE's 3D camera tracker, it allows to set your ground plane and orient the scene.
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