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Bend Wavy Lines along a Path with Expressions

In this tutorial we use the Sine Wave expression to create a cool effect with just shape layers and expressions. We use our extension iExpressions, which makes it very easy to create sine wave expressions

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Symmetric Shapes in After Effects with the Mirror iExpression

In this tutorial you learn how to create symmetric shapes with a super useful expression. The Mirror iExpression can mirror any shape for you and you can even get an instant preview of the mirrored shape while you are modifying it.

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Link to Point on Shape Expression

This expression links the position (and optionally rotation) of a layer to an arbitrary point on a path or also to its Bezier handles. Works even if the path is nested into groups with non-default transforms!

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Arrowhead Expression

Creates an arrow head that can be attached to any shape. The arrow head is a separate path such that it can be styles independently of the shape it is attached to. The appearance of the arrowhead can be controlled in full detail using the iExpressions parameters.

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Connect Multiple Layers Expression

This expression connects the anchor points of a set of given layers - this allows you to draw a path though a set of nulls, for example.

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Elastic Expression

Makes the shape deform and react to movements of the layer in an elastic way. Shape parts are deformed more, the further they are away from the anchor point of the layer.

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