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planar tracking

Keep Current Frame & why to NEVER use nulls to move layers with a Mocha track (MI+ V6 Tutorial)

If you want to move After Effects layers with a mocha track, it is a VERY bad idea to apply the tracking data to a null object or directly to the position, scale and rotation of your layers: The result is very inaccurate, because the skew and

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Sending Masks from and to Stabilized Precomps (MochaImport+ V6 Tutorial)

Stabilized precomps are one of the most powerful features of MochaImport+. In V6 you can send masks or 2d properties (the position of layers or effect control points) from the main comp to a stabilized precomp, or vice versa.

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Keyframeable, Tracked Masks with MochaImport+ V6 and the Mocha Ae plugin

In this tutorial you learn how you can move masks in After Effects with a track created with the mocha plugin that is bundled with After Effects CC 2019 (or also with any Mocha version).

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MochaImport+ V6 released!

New Features

  • import tracking data from mocha Plugin (CC2019 compatibility)
  • create mocha plugin effects
  • keyframeable, tracked masks
  • send masks and other properties from main comp to stabilized precomp and vice versa.
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AE Tracking and Roto Tips Part 1: Tracking Occluded Objects with mocha

What can you do if the object you want to track invisible for a few frames since it is occluded by some other object? In this tutorial you learn how to deal with this particular problem when you are tracking with the mocha planar tracker and Adobe After Effects.
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Beauty Retouch in AE Part 3: Digital Make-up

In the third part we add some digital makeup to the face. Of course, usually it is better to make sure the model is made up as desired before filming, but here we show how to fix it in post. The technique can be used no matter whether you want to add new make-up or find-tune existing one.
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Beauty Retouch in AE Part 2: Wrinkle and Blemish Removal

While the first part focused on smoothing the entire skin, in this second part we focus on specific, problematic spots like blemishes or wrinkles. We use the clone stamp tool to remove them and use mocha tracking to move the clone stamp strokes with the face.
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Clean Plate Workflow with MochaImport+ "Keep Current Frame" Option

In this tutorial Lars presents a quick and easy clean plate workflow to retouch or remove elements in your shot.

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