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KeyTweak - Tweaking Masks with lots of Keyframes (Micro-Tutorial)

Need to adjust a mask with hundreds of keyframes? Use our tool KeyTweak!

This was too quick? Watch the long version of this tutorial.

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AE Tracking and Roto Tips Part 3: Quick and Easy Rotoscoping Workflow

Rotoscoping - the art of isolating objects in a video using animated masks - is usually very tedious. In this tutorial I show you a very quick and easy technique to create rotoscopings for objects that are not changing too much in shape and have a clearly visible edge.
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AE Tracking and Roto Tips Part 2: Rotoscoping with Motion Blur

Rotoscoping - the art of isolating objects in a video with animated masks - becomes very tricky if the object you want to isolate has a lot of motion blur. In the heavily blurred edges of the object parts of the background will be visible that are a bit tricky to eliminate. In this tutorial you learn how to rotoscope such blurry objects in Adobe After Effects. We will first do a normal rotoscoping with a hard edge and then recreate the blurry edges such that no background will be visible anymore.
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Beauty Retouch in AE Part 4: Effective Face Tracking with the Mask Tracker

In this part we focus in using the mask tracker built into After Effects for face tracking. The face tracker has an automatic feature to detect the outline of the face, but often the result is not 100% accurate. Hence, we show an easy workflow to fix the track using the "name your own price" extension KeyTweak.

We also show how to remove wrinkles on the moving face using stabilized precomps which we create with MaskTracker+.

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How to refine and correct a mask tracked with the Mask Tracker of After Effects

When you track a mask with After Effects' mask tracker, it contains lots of keyframes such that it is almost impossible to modify it afterwards. In this tutorial you learn a quick and simple technique to modify such masks.
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Using MochaImport+ with NUKE's built-in planar tracker

In this NUKE tutorial you learn how to use MochaImport+ with NUKE's built-in planar tracker.
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Advanced Screen Insert Corner Pin with mocha and After Effects

In this tutorial you learn how to replace the content of a tablet PC in After Effects and mocha. Besides the basics of tracking and corner pin, you learn

  • how to do complicated tracks of reflecting surfaces,
  • how to add depth of field to your corner pin
  • how to do rotoscoping quicker with mocha and the Refine Soft Matte effect
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Efficient rotoscoping in After Effects with stabilized precomps and the mask tracker

The method for efficient rotoscoping with the MaskTracker that we've shown you in our first one minute tutorial works great if you track position, scale and rotation.

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