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TextExploder for After Effects (Micro-Tutorial)

Split text in After Effects into letters, words or more. Some work is really boring - one more reason to have an efficient solution for it!

Get TextExploder at aescripts

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Organic Text Animation with Squash & Stretch FREE (Micro-Tutorial)

Keyframe this After Effects animation with Squash & Stretch Free in 1 minute. How long would you need for keyframing this manually?>

Download Squash & Stretch Free at aescripts

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Squash and Stretch Title Animation Part 2

In this second part we improve the look of our title using textures, reflections and some effects.

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Squash and Stretch Title Animation Part 1

In this tutorial by Flomotion.eu you learn how to create an amazing title animation or intro in After Effects in no time. We use the Squash and Stretch plugin, which is available in both a free and a pro version.

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TextExploder for After Effects - Custom Splits using Regular Expressions

This tutorial explains how to use the advanced Regular Expressions feature of the tool TextExploder for After Effects. It allows to split a text layer into many text layers at very specific, custom split points.
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TextExploder for After Effects - Isolate a Single Word in a Text Layer

This tutorial shows how to isolate a single word from a text layer in After Effects such that the word will be located on a separate layer.
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TextExploder for After Effects vs DecomposeText

This tutorial compares the two After Effects extensions TextExploder and Decompose Text. They both can split a text layer into one text layer for each individual character, word or line. In addition, TextExploder can also isolate a single word or do custom splits with regular expressions.

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