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Efficient rotoscoping using the mask tracker with few keyframes

If you use the After Effects mask tracker for rotoscoping, it generates a keyframe for your mask on each frame. This makes later tweaking of the mask very complicated. Learn in 1 minute how to solve this problem with MaskTracker+.
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MaskTracker+ in depth tutorial


  1. tracking with the mask tracker
  2. moving layers
  3. corner pin
  4. moving masks
  5. stabilized precomp (no skew & perspective)
  6. stabilized precomp (with skew and perspective)

Final Result

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New Tool MaskTracker+

Since the release of AE CC, After Effects includes the Mask Tracker which is a powerful planar tracker with just one drawback: Except for moving masks, you cannot do anything with it. This changes with our new product MaskTracker+.

MaskTracker+ uses the After Effects Mask Tracker to move layers, do corner pins, stabilize shaky footage,...

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How to change the tracking region over time in MaskTracker+


In this tutorial we create a simple film title by tracking some texts and a picture on a wall. For the tracking we use the After Effects Mask Tracker in combination with MaskTracker+.

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Stabilize Shaky Footage with MaskTracker+


  1. tracking with the mask tracker
  2. eliminate movement completely
  3. smooth movement
  4. removing transparent borders (the easy way)
  5. removing transparent borders (the clever way)

Final Result

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Turn the AE mask tracker in a comprehensive tracking station

Move layers, do corner pins, create stabilized views and stabilize footage with the help of After Effects' Mask Tracker-

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MochaImport+ for NUKE - live webinar recording

This is the recording of a live webinar about mocha Pro, NUKE and MochaImport+. Learn how to use mocha Pro in combiation with NUKE in the most effective ways.
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MochaImport+ for NUKE

The easy mocha & NUKE workflow

Simplifies the workflow between Mocha and NUKE. Easy import of trackingdata into Tracker, Transform, RotoPaint, GridWarp and more.

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