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Dancing Dog in After Effects with Time Remapping

In this tutorial you learn how to time-remap a clip in Adobe After Effects in sync with the beats of a music track. We use it to create the impression that a dog moves in sync with the music, but you can animate all kinds of things using this technique.

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2D to 3D Photo in Adobe After Effects Part 2: Depth Of Field & Autofocus

In the second part of this series, we add depth of field to the 3D scene we created from our 2D photos. We blur the background and use an autofocus expression to create virtual focus pulls and to let the focus follow our layers easily.

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Motion Design Essentials 23: Preservation of Volume

Animations come to life when you start to deform objects. One rule of thumb is that when objects shrink in one direction, they often grow in the other; objects can also be compressed. Learn all about it in this tutorial!

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2D to 3D Photo in Adobe After Effects Part 1: Parallax Effect

Learn how to create a 3D scene in Adobe After Effects with just a few 2D photos. We distribute the photos in 3D space and animate a camera move to create a parallax effect. With the help of an expression it is very easy to convert the 2D scene into a 3D scene with depth and a parallax effect.
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Motion Design Essentials 22: Arcs

If your animation feels a bit mechanical, it often helps to use curved motion paths instead of straight lines. But use this method wisely - making every move curved is not the solution!

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Motion Design Essentials 21: Brains Simplify Reality

One key to creating good animations is to understand how your brain perceives reality. Understand your brain and you will be able to create better motion graphics!

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