Easy Bounce

Create bouncing animations the easy way! Just roughly keyframe the motion path you'd like, and let Easy Bounce take care of the rest.
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BeatEdit for Audition

BeatEdit for Audition detects the beats in your music and generates markers for them in Adobe Audition. This means you can easily match the tempo of two songs, edit your music, and seamlessly loop tracks – all with a few clicks.
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BeatEdit for After Effects

BeatEdit will change the way you animate to music in After Effects. It auto detect beats in a music track and allows you to do anything with them: Create beat markers, animate sliders, animate layers, repeat keyframes and much more.
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Pins & Boxes

Create dynamic layouts easily. Align and attach elements to any point of the bounding box of texts and create boxes that grow and shrink with their content.
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Link texts, colors and data from your Ae project to a JSON file.
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Squash & Stretch

Create animations with Squash & Stretch in no time.
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Split text layers into characters, words, lines and more. Placement of each character is preserved accurately.
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Automatic layouts, snappable guides grids and modifiable shape layer guides - because motion design isn't static.
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Skin Retouch

Easy beauty retouch - smooth the skin but preserve the fine details of the skin texture.
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Still Exporter

Super fast export of still images from your Premiere Pro timeline - exports frames at markers as jpg, png, tiff or dpx images.
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Your next generation file import dialog with super fast and fuzzy keyword search with a built-in audio player.
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BeatEdit for Premiere Pro

BeatEdit detects the beats in your music and generates beat markers in the Premiere Pro timeline. Create automatic edits in sync with the music or let BeatEdit assist your manual editing process.
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Export the texts of your After Effects project to a spreadsheet, modify it with MS Excel, Apple Numbers or Open Office and apply the changes to the AE project in a single click. Perfect for text translation, client review and other text processing tasks.

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Turn the AE mask tracker in a comprehensive tracking station

Move layers, do corner pins, create stabilized views and stabilize footage with the help of After Effects' Mask Tracker-

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MochaImport+ for After Effects

The easy Mocha & After Effects workflow

Send clips including masks from AE to mocha, create corner pins and stabilized precomps, move layers, stabilize, and more.

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Expressions without writing code

iExpressions combine the power of After Effects expressions with the convenience of effects or plugins. They allow you to use expressions without writing any code.

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Speed-up your CINEWARE workflow

Speed-up your live 3D pipeline between Cinema 4D and After Effect CC. Quickly toggle between the live pipeline and rendered proxy files.

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Auto Lip-Sync

Animate a mouth automatically

With Auto Lip-Sync you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.

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Beat Assistant

Beat Assistant has been discontinued. Please consider the much more powerful alternative BeatEdit for After Effects.

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Orient World

Turn a layer into the ground plane of your scene

In scenes tracked with AE's 3D camera tracker, the ground plane of your scene in most cases ends up as an oblique plane in 3D space. Orient World fixes this - with a single click you turn a layer into the ground plane of your scene and orient everything accordingly.

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