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Did you ever work on an animation that involved something called MUSIC? Its this by-product that comes out of your speakers while the video is playing.

If you treat music in your videos as first-class citizens, beat assistant is a tool for you. It automatically detects the beats per minute of your music and allows you to do lots of things with it.

  • set layer and composition markers according to the beat
  • generate keyframes and animate to the beat
  • stagger layers according to the beat

Easy import to Premiere Pro
Beat Assistant with Premiere pro is possible for the composition markers, as Eran Stern shows in his tutorial about Beat Assistant with Premiere Pro.

No expressions
You think animation to the music involves some weird expressions magic to tie your animation to audio keyframes? No, with beat assistant, you do it the mamoworld way: Animate all properties directly using intuitive interfaces.

Beat Detection is achieved with the popular SoundTouch Audio Processing Library. While .wav files are supported natively, to work with .mp3 and .aif files, you need to install the separate tool LAME.

Should I use Beat Assistant for AE or BeatEdit for Premiere Pro?

We have a similar product called BeatEdit for Premiere Pro which will often be the better choice for you.

BeatEdit for Premiere Pro has a way more robust and accurate beat detection engine. In contrast to Beat Assistant for AE, it does not only predict the beats per minute, but the actual position of every single beat (and optionally even other rhythmically relevant points). It also has a very powerful and intuitive interface to visualize and select individual beats.

If you use an old version of After Effects (the Premiere tool is only compatible with CC2014 or newer) or if it is very important for you to generate keyframes or stagger layers, Beat Assistant for After Effects might be your best choice. But usually, BeatEdit for Premiere Pro will be the much better, more robust, accurate and flexible solution.


beat assistant applied to time-remapping

This effect is achieved by generating keyframes for the time remapping property with beat assistant.

timelapse video by Beachfront available at

music: Pulse (Geroge Ellinas remix) by George Ellinas

Only beat assistant and squares

This little experiment was keyframed with beat assistant in less than one hour.

music: I dunno by grapes

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All mamoworld products are available at aescripts + aeplugins.

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