Text2Spreadsheet exports the texts of your After Effects project to a spreadsheet where you can modify them easily with applications like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Open Office. When you are done editing, you can apply the changes to your After Effects project in a single click.

The spreadsheets are easy to read and also support several versions of your texts. Perfect for translating your projects into different languages or sending texts to your client for review.


import and export in a single click

There is no need to rename or otherwise mark the layers that you want to export to the spreadsheet.

simple tables

The generated spreadsheets just contain the texts and no extra information. This does not only make them easy to read and modify - you also don't have to fear that your translator or client accidentally breaks something in your project by modifying the spreadsheet.

simple spreadsheet

modify your AE project and the spreadsheet in parallel

While your translators are working on the spreadsheets you are still free to modify your projects. No matter how you rename layers or compositions or move layers to other compositions - Text2Spreadsheet always knows where each text in the spreadsheet belongs. Even if you add texts later, they are easy to integrate in existing spreadsheets.

handle several versions of your text

The spreadsheet contains one text per row. To create a new version, just add another column to your spreadsheet.

simple spreadsheet

detailed status infos

When you apply the changes to your project, you get detailed infos which text layers have been modified in which compositions. If you have hundreds of texts, color coding makes it easy to find the texts that actually changed and allow you to efficiently check the compositions of your project that where affected by the change.

Status Infos

different file formats

Use the csv format for maximum compatibility (compatible with Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, Open Office and many other applications) or Excel XML format to benefit from color coding (compatible with Microsoft Excel and Open Office).

flexible filtering

There exists options to exclude text layers by name or to only process a specific folder of your project. There also exists an option to avoid duplicates in the spreadsheet in case several texts in your AE project are identical. Filtering Options

full unicode support and multi line texts

Spreadsheets are encoded as UTF-8 and hence work with any characters. Also multi line texts are directly supported - with no need to insert extra tags or so.

Is Text2Spreadsheet the right tool for me?

There exist several spreadsheet solutions for After Effects. Text2Spreadsheet is your best choice if you only want to modify texts and if the spreadsheet should be so easy to read and modify that you can send it to a client or translator.

CompsFromSpreadsheet can do more complex changes of the project like replacing footage files, but you have to manually mark each layer that should occur in the spreadsheet.

Templater is like a Deluxe version of CompsFromSpreadsheet that supports, for example, intelligent layout. It is very powerful when you want to render many variants of a project, but if you want to quickly export all texts of your project, you would first need to apply a specific effect to each single one of them.

Open Sesame exports and imports entire projects to a spreadsheet. Similar to Text2Spreadsheet you don't need to mark each element manually that should show up in the spreadsheet, but you have some control which parts should be exported. In contrast to Text2Spreadsheet, even if you decide to only export the texts, the generated spreadsheets are more complex, containing comp IDs, layer IDs and various extra data. If you accidentally edit any of these, you can easily break something. Also, you cannot change the AE project and the spreadsheet in parallel. Once you insert, delete or move layers, for example, the data from the spreadsheet cannot be applied to the project anymore. Also Open Sesame doesn't give the detailed status information that Text2Spreadsheet provides such that it is more difficult to figure out what actually changed after you reimport a spreadsheet to your project.
The power of Open Sesame is that it can export way more than just text. If you need access to any single keyframe of your project, Open Sesame is your tool of choice.

Text2Spreadsheet tutorials

User Interface: 


I was testing your script and see that when I changed my text, in the case where I have paragraph formatting like centering the text, this formatting is lost. Thanks, seems like this might help me a lot.

Hi Charles,
normally the formatting should be preserved, but if individual parts of a text have separate formatting (say just a few words have a specific color or are aligned differently) this individual formatting will be lost.


Hey Leute, ich habe gerade eure Software getestet und eine wichtige Frage: Ist es möglich mit dem Programm mehr als nur eine PreComp zu bedienen? Mein AE Project besteht aus mehreren Comps und ich frage mich ob das Plugin in der Lage ist all die Info von Texten in eine große Datei zu packen und dann auf die einzelnen Comps anzuwenden. Bisher verstehe ich es nämlich so, dass jede Comp im Project ihr eigenes xml brauchen würde. Liege ich da richtig?

Beste Grüße

Hallo Lukas,
Text2Spreadsheet exportiert alle Texte aller Comps des gesamten Projekts in eine einzige XML-Datei, ganz egal wie viele Unterkompositionen das Projekt enthält.

Viele Grüße

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