All mamoworld products are available at aescripts + aeplugins.

just track one point
the entire mask moves accordingly

With Tracker2Mask you can track the movement of masks using the After Effects point tracker. Just track a point and Tracker2Mask moves the entire mask accordingly. You can also track several points within the mask area to improve the result. For rotoscoping tasks, Tracker2Mask provides some handy extra functions that allow for a tracker-assisted rotoscoping workflow directly in After Effects.


  • track as many points as you want - one is sufficient, but the more point the more precise is the result
  • works with keyframed masks
  • support for tracker-assisted rotoscoping
  • local mode to only modify individual mask vertices

Other Voices

I want to personally thank you for saving me from countless hours of Roto-Hell.

Patrick Siemer,, after finishing the clip above

I don't know how I'd live without this script. I use it every day.

Jack Tunnicliffe, Java Post Production, while creating the opening of the TV series Insecurity.

What a brilliant time saver. Thanks Mathias. And thanks for the great tutorial.

Ammonite on Vimeo

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All mamoworld products are available at aescripts + aeplugins.

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Hi, I'm buy some of your greatest scripts in the store of aescripts+aeplugins, I'm activate the "Check for onlines updates every 10 days" box in each one of the scripts, and I see than KeyTweak, Chameleon, Beat Assistant, MochaImport, Orient World, and obviously Tracker2Mask had new versions, Where o How I can download to update, please?
Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Hi Marcos,

for all products with a fixed price, you can simply download the free trial from and it will automatically find your existing licenses and turn into the full version.

For the "name your own price" products, you have to purchase them again with each update. This way, you can decide yourself whether you feel its worth paying for the upgrade or not (if you feel its not worth paying for the update, you can set the price to $0).



Thank you very much Mathias!

I purchased Cineware a while ago, and want to update to the latest version. Where can I find the download link on your website?

Hi Kristiaan,

you can simply download the free trial from and it will automatically find your existing licenses and turn into the full version.

Alternatively, you always find the download to the most recent version in your aescripts customer account.



el plugin es muy bueno segun he visto

I am getting a notification in AE about a Tracker2Mask update version 3.2. When I go to AEScripts to download the latest version, it only shows version 3.0 and no latest version. Where can I get version 3.2?

Oh I found the updated version, not in my Downloads & Licenses, just by adding to my cart. So sorry, I've got it now! Thanks for the great script!!

Was that animation above done entirely with AE tracker and masks + Tracker2 Mask? No mocha?

Yes, it was created at a time when mocha didn't exist, yet. Just AE point tracker and Tracker2Mask.
Here are a few more details:

this is awsom

mamo world is amazing....Very Practicle Approach for learning After Effects ... Its Awesome

Please do a tutorial on using the tracker2mask script like in this video
Thank you

Hi David,
this example has been created 6 years ago and in the mean time, for this kind of cartoon-like roto work, better tools have been developed. I would use mocha for rotoscoping such projects today. This tutorial will get you started:

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