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  1. Tracking a clip with heavy motion blur in mocha (at 2:10)
  2. creating a stabilized precomp to do compositing in a shot with camera movement (at 4:41)
  3. compositing explosion elements and other stock footage from Action Essentials (at 15:19)

In this tutorial we create an impressive action scene with explosions, gun fire, a shaky camera, and a lot of stuff going on. What makes such scenes usually very hard to composite is that there is a lot of heavy and shaky movement going on. But with MochaImport you are just one click away from the solution of all these problems...

Things to learn in this After Effects tutorial:

  • Learn how to track a shot with a lot of motion blur on Mocha like a piece of cake.
  • Learn how to use MochaImport script to change your perspective and get rid of all the nasty motion.
  • Learn how to take care of motion blur.
  • Learn how to composite some elements from the Action Essentials collection of Video Copilot.
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