Part 3

In this part we create an automated walk cycle with iExpressions. You just need to keyframe the position of the character and the iExpressions-based rig animates the legs and the body automatically such that the character is walking.


In this series we create a highly automated rig to animate 2D characters for cartoons in After Effects. The rig is based on iExpressions and the puppet tool. It features

  • an automated walk cycle,
  • automatically rotating wheels
  • secondary animations
and much more.

Used Stock Footage

The images of the woman with baby buggy and the background are kindly provided by

Used tools: 

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This series is great but I've run into a bizarre problem that I have no idea how to fix. Keeping in mind that I have done every step described in each video.

All of my characters are rigged up in separate compositions, on frame 1 they all move properly when using both the master null and the body null, but when I move to frame 2 and onward so I can keyframe, everything goes to hell. Every character does the same thing, after frame 2 the skeleton's hands and feet flip in the opposite direction, all of the nulls move to elsewhere on the screen, and none of the nulls move things properly. I move the body null and it picks up the head, torso, and arms (all still as a board now) and just moves everything like a lump.

I have no idea how to fix this, no one online seems to have the same problem, and I don't know who to go to.

Hi Emily,
if you send me a download for the project to I can take a look to check what is going wrong. Just be patient, I am very busy and it could take some time.


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