In this tutorial you learn how to create an automatic cut in sync with the music using BeatEdit for Premiere Pro. BeatEdit automatically detects the beats in your music and arranges your clips in the Premiere Pro timeline accordingly.

Used Stock Footage & Music

Footage used in this tutorial by Artbeats:

Music by License this music:

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Friends, how do you explain the "HEUR/QVM10.1.Malware.Gen" detected in the tempt file created by your software "AppData\Local\Temp\11688-8084-14758eh.exe"??

Thank you for your interest in BeatEdit! It is correct that BeatEdit creates and executes such files in AppData\Local\Temp in order to perform its functionality. But those files are definitly no malware (we created them ourselves and they perform essential parts of the functionality of BeatEdit). It is a false positive of your antivirus. It seems that some antivirus software packages consider executable files in the temp folders as suspicious, but in this case, it is a false alarm.

Please open a support ticket here:

and describe
- what antivirus software you are using
- what exact message it is giving (best with a screenshot)

Then we can contact the support of the antivirus software and ask them why they report a false alarm.


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