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  1. face tracking with the mask tracker
  2. refining the mask with KeyTweak
  3. tracking individual details
  4. moving masks using existing tracks
  5. isolate skin details with skin retouch
  6. stabilized precomps for the skin details
  7. removing wrinkles in stabilized precomp
  8. summary


In this part we focus in using the mask tracker built into After Effects for face tracking. The face tracker has an automatic feature to detect the outline of the face, but often the result is not 100% accurate. Hence, we show an easy workflow to fix the track using the "name your own price" extension KeyTweak.

We also show how to remove wrinkles on the moving face using stabilized precomps which we create with MaskTracker+.

Used Stock Footage

The Clip used in this tutorial is kindly provided by ArtbeatsEXPRESS.