In the fifth and final part of our tutorial series about data-driven animation in After Effects, we’ll tackle the most challenging problem: our weather forecast template includes a temperature curve that’s visualized in After Effects using a shape layer. You’ll learn how to link the vertices of the shape to null layers, then link these null layers to the temperature data in the JSON file. As a result, when we change the temperature data in the JSON file, the curve updates automatically.

The biggest challenge of this task is to map the raw temperature values to reasonable position values for the vertices of the curve. To do this, we use the “linear” expression. If you haven’t used the “linear” expression before, this tutorial is a must watch. It’s a very powerful expression, and although it can be a bit confusing at first, it will change the way you work with data in After Effects. Once you master it, you won’t know how you lived without it.

If you’ve never worked with expressions before, I recommend you first watch our expressions tutorial series for beginners.

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