In this tutorial you learn where you find the 100 free sound effects contained in the free version of our extension Squash & Stretch for After Effects.

We also show how to conveniently browse and import the files in After Effects, Premiere Pro or Adobe Audition using our extension QuickImporter.


Hello this is Mathias for and in this tutorial I will show you how to use the sound effects of Squash & Stretch for After Effects not only inside After Effects, but also, for example, in Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. Squash & Stretch is a tool for creating exiting animations in After Effects in no time but it is not only about animation, it also comes with lots of sound effects. Even the free version that I have open here includes almost 100 free sound effects that you can use like any normal stock sound effects collection.

The access to the audio files is a little bit hidden - to find them you need to open the Squash & Stretch preferences and click this button to open the Bundles Folder in MacOS Finder or Windows Explorer. Squash & Stretch Pro can be extended with extra Bundles that contain additional behaviors and sound effects - and if you have any of those installed, you will find them all listed here. But since I have only the free version here, I only see the free bundle. You can open this folder now and inside the sounds folder you can find all the wav files of all included sound effects. As you can see they are grouped conveniently in different categories like deformation, impacts and whooshes.

A very convenient way to browse and import sound effects is to use our extension QuickImporter which runs in After Effects, Premiere Pro and also Audition. Let’s say I want to use the sounds in Premiere Pro. So in Premiere Pro we go to Window->Extensions->QuickImporter and now we need to enter here the location where QuickImporter should look for the audio files. On Windows, we can copy and paste the path directly here from the address bar of windows explorer. On MacOS, we control-click on the folder and choose “get info” and then copy the path listed here. When we paste the path in QuickImporter, it scans the entire content of the folder and its subfolder and lists them here. If we hover over the icons, the files are played immediately. This makes it very easy to find the sound effect we need.

We can also search for keywords. Let’s look for some impact sounds. As you can see, I just need to type “imp” and already while I am typing, QuickImporter updates the results to match our search. Now let’s refine the search and also enter “ball”. As you can see, now it lists all ball sounds in the impacts folder. If we found the file we need, we can simply click this icon to import the file.

And again, this does not only work in Premiere Pro, but also in After Effects and Audition in exactly the same way.

That’s it for today, if you want to get the free version of Squash & Stretch you can download it at

Again, this is Mathias from, I hope you liked this tutorial and see you next time!