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  1. tracking with MochaImport+ (1:22-9:26)
  2. placing a freeze frame at the wall (9:26-16:25)
  3. graffiti look (16:25-25:41)

In this tutorial you learn how to turn a graffiti painting on a wall into a living person. This effect is inspired by the Brush With Death clip.

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Hello... I am a mochaimport owner and i have been trying to experiment this technique with 3 different planes, but i came upon a weird problem that drives me crazy. I just couldn't understand what is going on and couldn't find a logical explanation. Can you guys have a look if i send you the project file and assets? The question will be inside the project as a note... I would ask here, but it is hard to explain without the project open in front of you.

Yes, please send a download link to info@mamoworld.com Please also include the email of your aescripts customer account such that we can verify you as an existing customer.

I have just sent you the link and info you asked for. Please check... Thanks!

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