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In this guru lesson you are doing your first steps in After Effects. We start the tutorial with importing the required footage and creating a composition. Then you learn how to work with layers in After Effects and use blending modes to create the amazing fire effect. Finally you learn how to export the final video using either AE's build-in render queue or the Adobe Media Encoder.


  1. Importing clips into After Effects and creating a composition (1:41-10:54)
  2. Working with layers (10:55-19:18)
  3. Using Blending modes to create the fire effect (19:19-25:24)
  4. Exporting the clip using AE's render queue or the Adobe Media Encoder (25:24-31:48)

The Guru Lessons are a free AE tutorial series for beginners. Step by step the videos teaches you all the basics you need to get started. The guru lessons make learning the basics fun. Already in the first tutorials you create amazing effects. You can also download the After Effects project for each lesson.

Additional Material

In addition to the project file (download in the box on the right) you need to download the fire clip which you find at detonationfilms.com. To get it, open http://www.detonationfilms.com/UnitK-2.html, go to the section DV RIPPERS! and click on the "Free sample! Click to preview and download!" link in this section.

Used tools: 

no mamoworld tools required

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great work go on i liked

Thank you for the feedback, Emy.
Have fun with the other lessons.

Great tut!!!

Thank you...this is such a great tutorial...

Do you have something about a basic timer, intro and credit using After Effects, currently working on skul projects. It is so difficult as I am new to AE :-(

Thank you Mathias...I will take a look :-)

This is really nice and useuful tutorial. It helped me alot. Many thanks for the efforts!!

you are welcome :-)

Great tutorial. Straightforward and clear! Thank you.

thank you :-)

Gr8 tutorial..i liked it..thnx

Many thanks for this! I am using After Effects CC and there is no 'mode' option in the composition box, so I can't remove the black around the fire. Any idea how I do this on CC?

Figured it out :)

good to hear that you found it :-)

Great tutorial, thank you!

A viewer from India.
Great, awesome , fabulous i just wanted to learn after effects and my wish was full filled here ! i have downloaded beginner lessons from 1 to 5 each one is great and taught me after effects basics so easily and smoothly that i got them by viewing them once and now i started practicing with samples. This is a great platform to learn and start as a rookie i want more and wish you all the best with your videos to gain more students like me.
Thanks mamoworld and the person who continuously narrates through that webcam on top right of the screen. :D
For my Indian brothers : Bhaiyo sabse easy and awesome tutorials hai iske .! meko to sab samaj me aaya .! Just try these tutorials once.

Thank you for the kind words, Nishchay

Thank you so much, it was a really helpful video. Look forward to other tutorials

great tutorial, thank you so much :)

great tutorial, thank you so much :)

Honestly, the best info in the shortest amount of time. Each lesson builds so nicely; and because they are brief, are easy to watch again, if unsure of some part of the application. A great help for someone who finds PP easy, but AE a challenge! Thank you!

I think I just fell in love.

hells yeah! your video helped. where are you from? YO THAT ACCENT IS NIIIIIICE

Great into for beginners like me. I find myself wanting to hurry to get to the part that tells me exactly how to do what I want, but this way I learn more. Keep up the great work! jb

I just went through your first Lesson. Excellent introduction! Thank you for doing this.

Now I'm fairly new to AE but when I imported the fire and played the video, the fire seemed to vibrate up and down. Any reason for this?

Hi Josh,
hmm, this sounds strange and it is very difficult to guess what is going on without seeing it.
I recommend to post this question here, best with some screenshots or a video screen recording showing the problem:

Great work. I did my video using after effects think i did well https://youtu.be/_mIvOQdXbDU

Very good video for beginner to get to know around aftereffects really good only problem i had was with the fire which was not supported due to windows operating system since it was .mov extension so i just downloaded another fire video to use it very nice i got to know the basics and its easy step by step instructions very good work amazing maybe i can create video for my website now glamviewer.com which is very helpful with this tutorial
best video

Thank you for the kind words, Rajdeep!

Not a problem my pleasure i want to request to you if you can create photoshop tutorials that will be great since am new to these i know there are other software's like premier pro and some other ones as well so it will be great if you can let me know other software and create more tutorials for other software's that will be great i really found very helpful lessons i have completed first 2 out of 5

Thanks to these videos i got familiar with the adobe softwares also photoshop. Now i have started creating images to upload for my website www.glamviewer.com . Also i will be making videos for the company am working in for digital marketing thank you please create tutorial for photoshop i can use it now but i want to be brillant at it. THAKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for these helpful videos

Thank you so much it was very easy to understand.. Great work.. keep it up..

Thank you so much it was very easy to understand.. Great work.. keep it up..

It is very usefull

I was watching the video while I was practicing the sample, but I can't find the "mode" button in the AE cc , could you help me?

If you right-click on the header row of the timeline, you can show and hide every column. Probably the column with the blending modes is hidden in your case.

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