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In this guru lesson you learn how to apply effects to layers. We create an amazing lightning effect but the concepts you learn appy to any other effects, too. You also learn the basic concept of keyframes that allows to animate any property in After Effects over time.


  1. Applying effects (1:15-14:12)
  2. Working with keyframes (14:13:-24:41)

The Guru Lessons are a free AE tutorial series for beginners. Step by step the videos teaches you all the basics you need to get started. The guru lessons make learning the basics fun. Already in the first tutorials you create amazing effects. You can also download the After Effects project for each lesson.

Used tools: 

no mamoworld tools required

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Excellent coaching, i like it.

Thank you for the feedback, Suryakanth. :-)

Very helpful i have completed lesson 1 and 2 to create video for my website www.glamviewer.com thanks i had hard time finding good video and your video is very helpful and really nice step by step instructions i have been implementing it with the video and pausing it and doing it its so good

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