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In this quick tip we cover some special aspects of creating Robin, the talking chipmunk with Auto Lip-Sync in After Effects.


  1. how to animate a mouth that is visible from the side
  2. how to animate a partially hidden mouth and
  3. how to animate a mouth of a heavily moving face.

Used Material

For your experiments, you can download the original clip of the chipmunk at videezy.com.

Used tools: 

all tutorials about: 


thanks for the reply, i will try using the red plug in, I'm getting more used to how to do it,
fell free to use my vidoe sing your script anywhere you like :-)

yes there are many things after effects doesn't do, simple things that you would think would be in there,
and also premiere, i just swapped from fcpx and surprised i have to go into after effects to do some simple things.

like why can't i feather a garbage matte in premiere ? lol
thanks for your help, wonder what your new product will be :-)

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