This is a recording of the mocha AE live webinar from April 24, 2013. Attend this free training seminar to learn how to use the After Effects bundled, mocha AE to easily solve the most difficult tracking challenges. mocha's planar tracking can be intimidating to learn, but in this webinar Mathias will cover the basics of planar tracking.

Covered topics

  • Starting a project and sending footage to mocha AE
  • Basics of Planar Tracking
  • Understanding Export Settings
  • Understanding Shear & Perspective Motion
  • How to apply tracking within After Effects
  • Which workflow to use when
  • How to use MochaImport+ tool to assist your After Effects workflow.
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all my videos cannot import, it says not supported.. solve my problem please..

HI Shafie,

The supported file formats depend on the version of mocha that you have. In all versions, tiff or jpg image sequences work very well. Here are the formats supported by mocha 4:

PS: no need to ask the same thing twice (

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