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Victoria Nece, the product manager for Adobe After Effects, is the one person who knows best which new tools are request the most. And from time to time she shares such insights with us and other developers to guide and inspire our development. When she told us that one of the most requested features is an easy way to create looping keyframes without writing any expressions code, she was pretty surprised to hear that we have this already available in iExpressions. And she was even more excited to hear that our Loop iExpression is not just a simple user interface wrapped around the loop expressions of After Effects, but even includes a mechanism to automatically adjust motion paths to make the loop seamless.

You might think: "Ok, you have a great solution, but iExpressions is a huge tool with hundreds of functions and I just need a cheap little helper". The good news is that the Loop iExpression is part of the Movement Modifier Bundle which is available for just $9.99!


Looping animations with iExpressions gives you a lot of control since it works with arbitrary properties and is very easy to do. There are four types of loops that you can choose from:

  • cycle
  • seamless
  • ping pong
  • offset

When you apply a cycle loop to a position animation, it gets looped before and after the keyframed animation. By default, it loops the region from the first to the last keyframe, although you can also adjust the looped region. The cool thing is - and this goes for all of the loop types - that if you choose to modify the animation a bit, the looped animation gets updated automatically.

When you apply the seamless cycle loop to your animation, the expression will adjust the keyframes to make the animation seamless. So that you get a seamless loop where you would normally get a jumping one.

You can of course loop any other type of keyframes like position, rotation, transparency, text, and so on.

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