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  1. Increment At Markers Overview
  2. Example - Animation to Audio
  3. Example - Sure Target


Take your After Effects workflow to the next level - In this tutorial you learn how to control Sure Target and many other thing in After Effects with markers.

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Hi - I downloaded & installed Sure Target2 (AE CC > PLUG-INS >) but it doesn't show up anywhere in my AE (AE CC).Trying to use along with iexpressions but not sure how to get Sure Target2 to show up. Any suggestions? - thanks, Kathleen

Hi Kathleen, Sure Target2 is a plugin, hence, it should show up in the effects menu of AE.

I recommend asking in the Video Copilot forum about Sure Target issues:




Thanks, Mathias. Turned out I needed to install 64bit (even tho' my computer is 32 bit?). Anyway, it's working & now I can continue with your tutorial, yay!

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