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  1. tracking with the mask tracker
  2. moving layers
  3. corner pin
  4. moving masks
  5. stabilized precomp (no skew & perspective)
  6. stabilized precomp (with skew and perspective)

Final Result


This tutorial gives a detailed overview of the functions of MaskTracker+ based on a hands on example. You learn how to do set extensions by inserting various castles in a shot of a beautiful landscape.

The tutorial covers all core functions of MaskTracker+, from how to move layers with a mask track over doing a corner pin to advanced retouch techniques with stabilized precomps.

Used Stock Footage

All images and video clips used in this tutorial are kindly provided by pond5.com:

Used tools: 

all tutorials about: 


Mathias - Fantastic tutorial as always and very useful.


thanks a lot for the feedback, Eric :-)

Does AE mask tracker tracks planes?

This depends on what you mean by "tracking planes".

Short answer:
yes, it tracks planes, but a bit less robust than mocha.

Technical answer:
The mask tracker tracks a point cloud (like the 3d camera tracker, but only the 2d points). Then it reconstructs the most likely movement under the assumption that all points move on the same plane. So in that sense, it tracks planes. But mocha, in contrast, does not use a point cloud to get the movement of the plane since it tracks the entire texture. This makes it more robust when the clip has motion blur, for example (where the features of the point cloud get easily lost).

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