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  1. Tracking in mocha (at 2:22)
  2. corner pin with Red Giant Warp plugin (at 15:24)
  3. corner pin without third party plugins (at 21:40)

This After Effects tutorial is inspired by an HP commercial. You learn how to do corner pin tracking with Mocha. Actually, a simple corner pin can be done in MochaImport with just one click. But you will also learn about more advanced stuff like adding motion blur in After Effects that makes your corner pin more realistic.

Things to learn:

  • Learn how to do a quick corner pin track in Mocha and how to improve the track.
  • Learn how to create a corner pin with motion blur in one click, if you have Red Giant Warp.
  • Learn how to create with the CC Power Pin effect a corner pin with motion blur just with After Effects and no additional plugin even if your version of Mocha (e.g. the one included in CS4) does not support motion blur. For this we use the directional blur effect with some expressions.

Expressions Used for the Motion Blur

for the blur direction:

var pt1=effect("CC Power Pin 2")("Bottom Right").valueAtTime(
var pt2=effect("CC Power Pin 2")("Bottom Right").valueAtTime(

deltaX = pt1[0] - pt2[0];
if (deltaX == 0) { deltaX = 1; }
deltaY = pt1[1] - pt2[1];
sign = (-deltaX / Math.abs(deltaX)) * 90; 
radiansToDegrees(Math.atan(deltaY/deltaX)) + sign
for the blur length:
var vx=effect("CC Power Pin 2")("Bottom Right").velocity[0];
var vy=effect("CC Power Pin 2")("Bottom Right").velocity[0];
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