1. Mercedes commercial - rim replacement how to composite 3d elements without 3d tracking (at 1:55)
  2. Mercedes commercial - clown nesting two stabilized precomps to fix a track (at 8:56)
  3. Space Milkshake stabilized precomps in full detail (at 16:51)
  4. Talking Porsche perfect team player: MochaImport+ and Auto Lip-Sync (at 28:05)
  5. Stabilizing Shaky Footage: Stabilizing in mocha Pro or right inside After Effects (at 29:53)


This is a mocha training presentation that was recorded at the IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam. It covers various advanced tracking workflows for mocha and After Effects.

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Special Thanks

go to SLGH and the producers of Space Milkshake for providing the clips and projects shown in this presentation.