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  1. Corner Pin+ w. Lens Dist. (at 0:30)
  2. Stabilized View+ (at 7:15)
  3. Tracker+ (at 25:40)
  4. Roto+ & RotoPaint+ (at 27:59)
  5. GridWarp+ (at 31:36)
  6. Transform+ (at 35:02)
  7. Full camera rig+ (at 40:54)
  8. Camera and Geo+ (at 43:56)


This tutorial gives a detailed overview over the functions of MochaImport+ for NUKE.

Used tools: 

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how install???, tutorial please..

Hi Claudio,

sorry for the late reply, the email notification for the comments was broken, so I just noticed the comment now. From now on, the replies will be faster. Next week, I have on my todo list to simplify the installation process and also record a little tutorial about it. That said, the download package contains a HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt that explains the basic installation. Essentially, you just need to copy the entire unziped download anywhere you like on your harddrive and in init.py file in the .nuke folder (inside your home directory) add a single line that explains where you placed the folder.

If you tell me on what OS you are, I can explain it in more detail, too - but again, I will simplify this and do a tutorial about it soon.



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