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  1. Intro (at 0:00)
  2. Laptop example - tracking the screen (at 2:16)
  3. Laptop example - basic corner pin in NUKE (at 11:05)
  4. Laptop example - advanced corner pin with reflection (at 12:23)
  5. Laptop example - logo removal (at 22:52)
  6. Laptop example - fixing the hand in front of the screen (at 25:27)
  7. Laptop example - 3d camera solve with mocha Pro (at 33:12)
  8. Laptop example - using 3d camera solve in NUKE (at 37:23)
  9. Spock ear example - Grid Warp with mocha tracking data (at 47:44)
  10. Planar tracking fundamentals - understanding shear & perspective (at 52:36)
  11. Jeep desert example - retouch work in stabilized view (at 1:05:33)


This is the recording of a live webinar about mocha Pro, NUKE and MochaImport+.

Learn how to use mocha Pro in combiation with NUKE in the most effective ways. Mathias goes in detail over different workflows for compositing, rotoscoping and retouch work in NUKE and show how easy these tasks become when using mocha Pro in combination with MochaIMport+ for NUKE.

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no mamoworld tools required

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