In this tutorial you learn how to quickly browse, preview and import audio files using our extension QuickImporter for Audition, After Effects and Premiere Pro.


Hello, this is Mathias Möhl for and in this tutorial I show you how to use our extension QuickImporter with Audition.

Once QuickImporter is installed you find it in the menu at Window->Extensions->QuickImporter. Exactly as in After Effects and Premiere Pro, you can first choose a folder and then perform fast searches within the folder and all its subfolders.

You import a file by either double-clicking it or by clicking on this icon. Note that Audition has a multitrack editor and a waveform editor. For each of those two modes, QuickImporter behaves differently when importing files to do always exactly what you need. Currently the waveform editor is active. So when we click on a new file, it is added to the files panel and opened in the waveform editor.

Now let’s switch to the multitrack editor and start a new multitrack session. If we now import a file, it is directly inserted into the multitrack session at the current point in time. If you select a different track or move the play head, you can see that the files are always placed where you would expect it. So inserting clips in multitrack session could not be easier. And if you want to open the waveform without inserting the clip into a track, just switch to the waveform editor to open any files there.

Again this is Mathias Möhl for - have fun with QuickImporter in Audition.

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