In this tutorial you learn how to create a transition from one layer to another one using Squash & Stretch for After Effects.

Tutorial Transcript

To create a transition between two layers, just make sure that one layer ends exactly where the other one starts and place the current time indicator exactly at this point in time.

Then choose a transition behavior. The free version of Squash & Stretch contains the “Shake Transition”, in the Pro version you have a separate folder with various additional transitions. Now select both layers, make sure the timing option is set to “Transition”, and apply the behavior.

For texts Squash & Stretch recommends to split them into individual layers for each letter. But Transitions usually look better if the entire text moves as a single object. Therefore, we don’t want to split the text in this case.

And that’s it - this is how easy creating transitions is in Squash and Stretch!

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