This tutorial explains how to tweak your Squash & Stretch behaviors by controlling the oomph, the amount of deformation and by flipping or rotating the behavior.

Tutorial Transcript

Squash & Stretch behaviors can be adjusted easily with the controls over here.

With these buttons you can flip or rotate the behavior. The Squash & Stretch parameter controls how much the layer is deforming. If I set it to 0, you can see that it still moves the same but the square is not deforming anymore at all.

The oomph parameter controls how far the animation goes. With less oomph the animation feels slower and as if it has less energy. With more oomph it moves faster and more far away.

When you already applied a behavior to a layer and decide later that you want to change some of the parameters, just apply the behavior again to overwrite the old one.

Alternatively, you can also modify the keyframes of the animation, as I will show you in another tutorial.

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