This tutorial shows how easily you can adjust Squash & Stretch animations in After Effects by simply tweaking the keyframes

Tutorial Transcript

One great aspect of Squash & Stretch is that the animations it creates are easy to modify.

Let’s select the “Jump” behavior and apply it to this icon.

If you want to make it jump higher, one possibility is to give it some more oomph and simply apply the behavior again. Alternatively you can modify the keyframes directly in the timeline. These three keyframes are the ones at the top of the jump. So let’s just select them all, make sure the current time indicator is placed exactly on one of them, and move them up.

The deformation of Squash & Stretch is created with this Bezier Warp effect. As you can see, it also consists of keyframes, so you can fine-tune those, too, if you want. Personalizing animations could not be more simple.

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