In this tutorial you learn how Squash & Stretch can shift the position of any existing animation before applying a new behavior. This ensures that the newly generated animation always fits seamlessly in the animations before and after it.

Tutorial Transcript

Hey everybody, this is Eric D. Kirk for In this project, I already applied a Squash & Stretch behavior to the first letter of the text, to animate it. Now let’s apply a second behavior to it. If we just apply it with the default settings, as you might expect, the letter jumps away from its position in the text.

Lets quickly undo that and apply the behavior again, this time with the Timing parameter set to “End of Behavior”, since we want the animation to end up in this location. So we quickly check how long the behavior is, using the work area button, then move to the desired end of the animation and apply the behavior.

As you can see, now the resulting jump ends at the correct position. And even better: also the “Drop” animation that happens before the jump has been shifted to the side as needed.

This is as simple as it gets: Whenever you apply a behavior to a layer that is already animated, Squash & Stretch adjusts the position of the existing animation as needed.

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