This tutorial shows how to use the build-in version of TextExploder that comes with Squash & Stretch for After Effects. Note that TextExploder is also available as a .

Tutorial Transcript

In this example, I have first split the text and then applied one of the “Random Path Out” behaviors to each of the characters individually. To create more variation, I flipped and rotated them in different ways before applying them.

To split a text layer, just select it, clicking this icon and choose how to split it. Note that this text exploder tool is only included in the Pro version of Squash & Stretch but you can also purchase it as an additional product.

When you want to apply the same behavior to all letters, there is no need to split the text before applying the behavior. Because when applying a behavior to a text, Squash & Stretch always asks whether it should split the text for you. And this even works with the free version.

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